PhD in Private Law

Governance and Legal Regulation, Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable development.

Who am I ?

I'm a PhD in Private Law passionated by the interactions between Technologies, Humans and Nature.


My current research focuses on fighting global injustices making the world a better place for all.


When I was a little girl, I made me a promise. The promise to dedicate my life to fight against all the injustices. I was dreaming of a better, safer and fairer world. To achieve this goal, I quickly started to study law. Now, and empowered by all these years of education, I am more than ever determined to make this dream comes true. As an expert in governance systems and alternative modes of legal regulation, I drive my current research towards the ethical and legal governance methods of sustainable development.


Graduated from the "Economic and Social Administration" Bachelor (specialized in political science and Europe), and the "Private and Public Contract Law" Master's degree of the Avignon University (France), I decided to keep up with a thesis at the University of Aix-Marseille (France).

Research Interests

Legal Governance of Sustainable development

Joseph Stiglitz wisely said that “we are a world community, and like all communities, we must respect rules in order to be able to live together; rules which must be fair and just, which must give due attention to the poor as well as the powerful, and demonstrate a deep sense of honesty and social justice". In this guideline, my research focuses on the analysis of regulatory methods and legal tools mobilized for the governance of this global community through the prism of the objectives of sustainable development and fundamental rights. Is it, whether in humanitarian, environmental, technological or other matters, to determine how to govern our societies in a sustainably responsible manner? To respond to this, it is necessary to analyze the environmental and social risks to which governance systems must respond, to study the legal tools requested and the policies implemented, their efficiency and their inadequacies, to propose more suitable solutions, improved or innovative with the objectives of social justice, sustainable development, and protection of fundamental rights.

A word about the thesis - SME against economic litigation

For a small or medium business, things go far beyond than just a simple economic organization. It is more about an idea, a project, a whole life, than simple economic problematics, whose daily management is harassing. Besides grasping the economic market within which he is evolving, the business manager also needs to stay aware of others concerns, in order to ensure the sustainability of his organization, such as its legal environment. The latter is usualy complex, underrated and at the origin of many risks for the company and its CEO, such as economic litigation. Consequently, "how can he avoids bankruptcy?" Accordingly to the last legislative amendments that express many important transformations of the civil procedure, the creation of new legal governance tools can help the entrepreneur to fight against economic litigation risks. How? By considering the fact that the amendments tend towards accountability, by establishing an obligation of risks prevention, and towards the empowerment of in house counsels by directly participating in the resolution of disputes, corporations has to enforce a legal governance that participates to the prevention of economic litigation.

The thesis proposes a guide for the legal governance of companies, by first introducing a vigilance plan alleviating any legal risk, and by recommending a private resolution solution through the recent raise of alternative dispute resolutions to avoid any economic litigation as a traditional civil lawsuit. Therefore, the thesis is an overview of all the options that entrepeneurs and business managers of small and medium companies have for a safe economic developement to ensure the sustainability of the organisation, in a perpetually evolving legal and social environment, going beyond traditional Justice.

Keywords : SME ; Economic litigation ; Legal Governance ; Legal risk management ; ADR ; Civil procedure.

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Scientific Responsabilities

Reviewer for International Conference: Workshop "AI for Social Good" NeurIPS 2019.


Invited talks

  • Artificial Intelligence: Efficient and Responsible?
  • Cecilia Darnault, Laurent Chaudron (Onera & TheoricLab), Cynthia Chassigneux (Commissioner of the Commission access to information, Montreal), Eric Charton (Director AI, National Bank of Canada), Yannick Estève (LIA, Avignon University).
  • By FrenchTech Grande Provence and Avignon University
  • November 27-11 2019, Avignon (FRANCE)


Center for Business Law and International Trade (CDACI), Montréal (CANADA) - PhD Student research internship 2018

When it comes to business law and corporate governance, the CDACI is known to shine. I have been invited for a 3 months internship in this laboratory to work on my thesis research under the supervision of Prof. Stéphane Rousseau.

SCP Gautier Comte Doux Aubert - Notary clerk - June 2018/May 2019

In charge of the constitution of cases files by requesting and collaborating with concerned administrations, and by drafting the necessary legal acts, while managing customers relationship.

Préfecture de Vaucluse - Administrative Assist. - June 2014/Dec. 2017

In charge of the constitution and management of files for European and national funding requests.

SOCOJUR Lawyers - Barrister Intern - April/July 2016

Position of legal adviser focusing in business law.

SCP Fortunet and Associates - Barrister Intern - Jan./February 2014

General legal advice position.


All courses are dispensed in addition to my studies and standard research job:

Year 2017/2018

Professional orientation project (POP)45h45h

Year 2016/2017

Professional orientation project (POP)13h13h
Contracts Law30h33h63h

Year 2015/2016

C2I Certification (B.Sc.)210h210h

Year 2014/2015

C2I Certification (B.Sc.)100h100h

Year 2013/2014

C2I Certification (B.Sc.)84h84h